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Cannabis full spectrum extracts

Cannabis is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the world and can improve the quality of life of people with acute and chronic illnesses.

About us

We are the European market leader in the production and research of medical cannabis. With our products and profound knowledge around therapies with cannabinoids, we support medical professionals in the individual treatment of people. Our mission: to ensure medical care, education within a professional framework and natural cultivation under the highest possible quality standards.
Cannabis Blüte
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Cultivation and expertise

We value sustainable cultivation and already ensure organic quality for numerous cannabis varieties. All our production processes are certified according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). This means that we are committed to the strictest quality standards. Independent controls confirm this: Our products in the area of full-spectrum cannabis extracts and flowers are pure in variety, of the highest quality and reliably available.

Are you a doctor or pharmacist?

In our specialist section you will find a wealth of information and assistance on treating your patients with medicinal cannabis.