For patients

For patients

Good questions? Good answers. In the following, we answer all your questions on the subject of full-spectrum cannabis extracts.

Newsletter für Patienten

Der Newsletter bietet Patienten Informationen über medizinisches Cannabis, einschließlich Vorteile, Anwendung, Nebenwirkungen und Sicherheit. Er fördert den Austausch von Erfahrungen und unterstützt die Nutzung von medizinischem Cannabis. Abonnenten können von Rabatten profitieren und über relevante Veranstaltungen informiert werden.

Jetzt Cannabis-Patient:in werden!

So einfach funktioniert's: Der Weg zu deiner individuellen Therapie mit Cannabisblüten in vier einfachen Schritten

Request patient card

Apply now for your free Four 20 Pharma patient card!

Please consult your doctor here and discuss the various possible applications with him. The doctor can prescribe a prescription, which can be redeemed for medical cannabis at the pharmacy. Any doctor except veterinarians and dentists can prescribe cannabis.

If you have any questions, we are always at your disposal. For detailed assistance, please contact our cooperation partner Copeia at: This offers an easy-to-use application tool that you can fill out together with your doctor.

In order to identify yourself to the police as a cannabis patient, it is always necessary to have the current cannabis prescription with you. As a further aid, we offer our patients a free, personalized and forgery-proof patient card. You can easily apply for this card on our website at: and will receive it within a few days. The patient card allows you to identify yourself as a cannabis patient even more easily.

If you have any problems with your medicine, please contact your pharmacy immediately. Your pharmacy staff will contact the manufacturer directly and can initiate a return process if necessary.

No. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible at the moment.

No. Due to legal requirements, this information is only available to medical professionals, via our DocCheck area.

No. Besides the main cannabinoids THC and CBD, there are a variety of other cannabinoids. Other ingredients include: Terpenes, esters, thiolates, thiols and flavonoids.

For possible side effects or interactions, please talk to your doctor.

Full medical advice can only be given by the physician. Due to legal regulations, we are not qualified to provide this advice independently.

As part of your treatment, your doctor can help you identify a suitable cannabis preparation. Due to the complexity of the effects, it is not possible to make a general statement here.

For this purpose, your pharmacist must contact your attending physician. This decision cannot be made by the pharmacy staff.

Cost absorption request

You need help with your application for cost coverage? Take a look at our partner Copeia. Copeia supports you with your application for reimbursement of medical cannabis therapy.

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