Patient card

Patient card

The Four 20 Pharma patient card serves to support patients

It proves that patients are allowed to possess, carry and use a medical cannabis preparation prescribed by a licensed physician for treatment purposes. Patients can apply for the patient card independently and free of charge. The card will then be issued by us and handed over to the patient. To do so, simply enter your personal data in our form and upload your current cannabis prescription. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Four 20 Pharma patient card.

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Free of charge

The Four 20 Pharma patient card is a free service of Four 20 Pharma GmbH.

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Personalized and tamper proof

The Four 20 Pharma patient card is personalized for patients and protected against forgery by a unique hologram on the back.

How to apply for the Four 20 Pharma patient card.

1. Fill out application

The application is filled out by you in our online form. Please also note our terms of use and our privacy policy.

2. Upload recipe

Upload your current prescription directly on our site or send it to us by mail to, by fax to 05251 / 3903219 or by mail to Four 20 Pharma GmbH (Friedrich-List-Straße 67, 33100 Paderborn).

3. ID card is checked and issued

We check the application for completeness. The Four 20 Pharma patient card is then issued within 14 working days and sent to the patient making the application.

4. Signature of the patient

The Four 20 Pharma patient card submitted now only needs to be completed with the signature of the applying patient. This confirms that all information is correct.

Apply for patient card now!

We are looking forward to your application!

The patient card is a document that can be carried in addition to a current prescription and photo ID. It is used to prove that one is allowed to carry and consume medical cannabis. The patient card is by no means an official document and therefore cannot confirm the legality of the medical cannabis products. If you do not always want to carry your original prescription with you, the patient card helps you to prove your authorization at least indicatively, e.g. when visiting a restaurant.

The validity of your patient card depends on your prescription. The patient card shows the date of the last prescription as a reference, since only the last prescription confirms that medical cannabis may be consumed.

You can apply for a new patient card once a year. To apply for a new card, follow the same procedure as for the first application.

You can apply for the Four 20 Pharma patient card in four easy steps. 1. fill out our online form and confirm our terms of use and privacy policy. 2. upload your current cannabis prescription (alternatively you can send it to us by mail, fax or post). 3. we check your entries for completeness and issue your personal patient card within 14 days. 4. after receiving your patient card, you only have to sign it to confirm the information.

In case of loss, please contact us immediately and report the loss of your patient card. You can then apply for a new patient card free of charge using our replacement application. Please note that lost Four 20 Pharma patient cards may no longer be used. You are not entitled to receive a (replacement) Four 20 Pharma patient card.

Yes, the Four 20 Pharma patient card is 100% free of charge for our patients.

To ensure that you are a cannabis patient, we need your last cannabis prescription to create the patient card. This also serves as a reference for the patient card. Furthermore, we need your name, address, date of birth, prescribing physician and which cannabis preparations were prescribed.

Please read our privacy policy.

Die Four 20 Pharma-Patientenkarte ist nur in Deutschland erhältlich und wird auch nur innerhalb Deutschlands versendet. 

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