420 Pharma: "Star Struck" Sativa Joins 420 Evolution Line
erweitertet 420 Evolution

Extension of the product line


Four 20 Pharma expands product line "420 EVOLUTION" with the sativa-dominant cultivar "Star Struck".

Four 20 Pharma GmbH expands product line of medicinal cannabis flowers "420 EVOLUTION" with the cultivar "Star Struck", short STR. To meet the growing needs of patients, the Paderborn-based company is constantly expanding its product portfolio. As of now, the new strain is available to pharmacies.

STR is the third strain of the product line "EVOLUTION" of Four 20 Pharma GmbH, which stands for most exclusive flowers in high quality in combination with a high THC content.

This sativa-dominant strain has a strong euphoric effect and is the result of crossing two top genetics. Besides the fresh, characteristic taste, this cultivar also impresses with a balanced terpene profile.

The unirradiated flowers are produced in Canada in strict compliance with GMP requirements, where they are gently hang-dried, hand-processed and trimmed before the pharmaceutical product is manufactured by trained personnel at Four 20 Pharma GmbH in Paderborn.

Four 20 Pharma GmbH plans to add further cultivars to this "420 EVOLUTION" product line in the coming months.

About Four 20 Pharma

Four 20 Pharma GmbH is a specialist in the field of medical cannabis and offers high-quality products made from the dried flower of the cannabis plant. The focus of our day-to-day activities is to provide the best possible medical care for patients. With our diverse range of medical cannabis, we contribute to providing patients with optimal treatment. Our claim is to consistently maintain the highest pharmaceutical quality standards. Therefore, we make sure that our suppliers and partners are GDP and GMP certified without exception. Because of our philosophy, patients, physicians, pharmacies and medical facilities can rely on consistent quality & availability of our medical cannabis products.

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