Social commitment Fairtrade


Fairtrade is an important approach to global trade and the production of goods and products. The aim is to ensure fair working conditions and fair pay for workers in the production countries and thus improve the living conditions of local people. 

We also attach great importance to Fairtrade in our merchandise and make sure that our products are produced under fair conditions. We work with certified Fairtrade partners and suppliers to ensure that local workers are paid fairly and can work under humane conditions. 

In doing so, we also make sure that the environment is protected in the production of our products and that we use sustainable materials. We want to ensure that our products are not only produced fairly, but also have a positive long-term impact on the environment.

Our commitment to Fairtrade and sustainability is also reflected in our product range. We offer a wide range of fairly produced products that are not only high quality, but also tell a story. We emphasize products that are made from local and sustainable materials, thus creating a connection to the respective region. 

We believe that Fairtrade and sustainability are important values that have an ever-increasing importance in today's world. With our commitment we would like to contribute to the fact that these values also prevail in the production of goods and products and thus contribute to a better world.

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