420 Pharma - Financial support for various institutions

Financial support for various institutions

As a company, we see it as our responsibility not only to focus on our core business, but also to make a contribution to support social, ecological and cultural projects and institutions. That is why we are actively involved by donating financial support to various charitable institutions and projects. Our financial support is directed at different areas. 

For example, we support social institutions such as children's homes, help for the homeless or organisations that stand up for the rights of minorities and disadvantaged people. 

We also support cultural institutions such as museums, theatres and music festivals to promote access to art and culture. We are also committed to the environment by supporting projects and initiatives that work to protect the environment and nature. In doing so, we want to send a signal that we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and do our best to protect and preserve it.

We believe that as a company it is also important to assume social responsibility and have a positive impact on our environment and our society. Our financial support is intended to help ensure that important projects and institutions can continue and successfully implement their work.

As a company, we also want to involve our employees in our commitment by giving them the opportunity to participate in our charitable projects. In this way, we can do something good together and contribute to a better future.

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