Social commitment Fussicamp


Fussicamps is an initiative to support Holger Gehrke and his work around soccer. Holger Gehrke is a passionate soccer coach and player who has been involved in the sport for many years, especially teaching children and young people the joy of playing soccer. 

The Fussicamp is an event organized by Holger Gehrke where children and young people have the opportunity to play soccer and improve their skills under his guidance and with other like-minded people. The focus is not only on training technique and tactics, but also on the fun of the game and the community experience. 

The Fussicamps initiative supports Holger Gehrke in organizing and running his events. This includes, for example, the procurement of materials and equipment, the organization of training camps and camps, and support with public relations.

Fussicamps relies on the help and support of volunteers and sponsors who want to get involved in the sport of soccer and the promotion of children and young people. So anyone who is enthusiastic about Fussicamps and the work of Holger Gehrke is welcome to contact the initiative and become a supporter. 

Overall, Fussicamps thus makes an important contribution to promoting the sport of soccer and supporting children and young people who are enthusiastic about this sport. The initiative shows that it is possible to make a big difference even with small steps and that everyone can do something to make the world a little better.

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