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Four 20 Pharma GmbH launches free patient card on the market

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For more safety and transparency in everyday life

Four 20 Pharma GmbH launches patient card on the market

Paderborn, 29.06.2021

Four 20 Pharma GmbH now offers the possibility to provide your patients* with a personalized patient card. With this service, the quality leader in the field of medical cannabis wants to contribute to creating more safety and transparency in the everyday life of patients*. The patient card proves that patients are allowed to possess, carry and use a medical cannabis preparation prescribed by a licensed physician for treatment purposes. Thus, every patient has the possibility to identify himself/herself as a cannabis patient in case of a control.

Cannabis patients can now apply for the patient card without bureaucratic effort and free of charge on the website of Four 20 Pharma GmbH under the heading "Patient Card" and will receive it by mail after about 14 days.

Personalized and forgery-proof

The patient card is forgery-proof due to a unique identification number and a multi-layered hologram on the back. By signing, the cannabis patient* confirms that all information is correct.

The front side is personalized with the patient's data and the information of the licensed physician. While the patient card does not provide any legal basis, the patient card does reference the patient*s most recent cannabis prescription and can thus serve as proof in conjunction.

This is the Four 20 Pharma patient card

The patient card contains the following information:

  • Patient - The name of the patient*.
  • Date of birth - The patient's date of birth.
  • Prescribing Physician - The physician who wrote the patient's most recent cannabis prescription.
  • Prescribed Products - The patient's prescribed cannabis products.
  • Identification number - A unique identification number of the respective patient's card
  • Reference - The reference is the most recent cannabis prescription, a copy of which must be submitted in order to apply for the patient card.

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About Four 20 Pharma GmbH

Four 20 Pharma GmbH is GDP and GMP certified as a manufacturer, wholesaler and importer of medical cannabis as well as medical devices. The company, based in Paderborn, Germany, was founded in 2018 and holds a narcotics license according to § 3 BtMG and a wholesale drug license according to § 52a AMG for the whole of Europe. In addition, the medical cannabis specialist holds the necessary import licenses for the importation of medical cannabis into Germany, a manufacturing permit, and the necessary, product-specific permit in accordance with § 7 AMG and § 1 AMRadV for the marketing of medicinal products. Four 20 Pharma GmbH is committed to the Association for Cannabis as Medicine (ACM) as a gold sponsor. The company supports doctors, pharmacies, medical institutions and patients as a reliable partner in the field of medical cannabis. For more information, please visit our website at

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